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St. Croix Factory Store Manager


Posted by St. Croix Rod on 11/21/2022

Job Basics

Industry Sector: Fishing

Job Categories: Retail - Management- Staff

Company Type: HardGoods/Equipment

State: WI

City: Park Falls

Country: United States

Required Experience: 5 - 7 years

Job Type: Full Time


Required to Relocate: Yes

Required to Travel: No

Employee May Telecommute: No

Job Seeker Must Live Within: 50+ miles

Job Description & Requirements

Position:          Factory Store Manager

Reports to:      Vice President of Sales

Status:            Regular, Full-time

Supervisory Responsibilities:             Customer Guides – Factory Store

Date Created/Revised:                      February 7, 2022

Position Summary:

The St. Croix Factory Store Manager is the leader of the Factory Store team including the factory store website, responsible for achieving a superior customer experience, profitability, and sales goals, as well as understanding, practicing, and being a champion for the St. Croix brand and company culture.  The Factory Store Manager is a role model, skilled in the art of communication and customer service, who leads by example and instills these skills and abilities within the Factory Store team. 

Essential Job Functions:

·         Selecting, training, and supervising the St. Croix Factory Store team with the goal of creating a highly capable customer service team

·         Identifying appropriate product selections to be offered for sale within the St. Croix Factory Store and factory store website

·         Maintaining or establishing appropriate inventory control and product replenishment protocols

·         Maintaining or establishing appropriate seasonal product rotation and special offerings plans

·         Developing, communicating, and executing an appropriate merchandising and Factory Store visual standards plan within the St. Croix Factory   Store and factory store website

·         Creating a high energy, compelling store experience for customers by engaging and modeling appropriate sales and customer service behaviors   and attitudes to St. Croix Factory Store team members

·         Developing, managing and scheduling an appropriate mix of properly staffed full and part-time Customer Guide positions to meets the needs of   the St. Croix Factory Store

·         Responding to customer requests that are not defined within, or present a challenge to, standard policies and procedures

·         Driving change within the St. Croix Factory Store by identifying opportunities for increased performance and improvement

·         Organizing and coordinating St. Croix’s annual Customer Appreciation Day event  

·         Identifying, organizing and managing other semi-annual/quarterly events/activities similar to Customer Appreciation Day which results in   increased customer relationship opportunities and face-to-face customer engagement

·         Assessing, evaluating and implementing an appropriately motivating incentive program for the St. Croix Factory Store team members in order to   substantially increase sales and customer service

·         Working with the Customer Guide Manager to more fully integrate the Factory Store team within Customer Operations in general, more   specifically, to create seamless Factory Store to Customer Center customer experiences regardless of engagement channel or situation

·         Provide input into the various marketing related activities impacting the St. Croix Factory Store and factory store website

·         Other duties as assigned

Required Competencies:

·         Leadership and team building capabilities with a strong focus on sales, performance management and customer service skills

·         Product identification and inventory control skills and abilities

·         Advanced interpersonal skills to successfully interact with all team members and audiences in-person, via telephone and via email

·         Ability to complete tasks accurately with urgency and attention to detail

·         Math skills to include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, at a level necessary to support the duties of this position

·         Ability to function as a team member within the department and with individuals from other departments

·         Ability to learn core fishing segments and excel in product and product application knowledge

·         The St. Croix Factory Store Manager must be an angler with competencies in at least two or more species, preferably those affording angling   opportunities within the Upper Midwest

Physical Requirements:

·         Ability to effectively utilize computers which includes possessing appropriate dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and visual acuity to read   material displayed on computer screens and in hardcopy

·         Ability to sit, stand, and/or walk for extended periods frequently, bend and reach to access items as needed

·         Ability to complete duties in an environment where acceptable background noise and frequent interruptions are experienced

·         Must be present on-site daily with consistently acceptable attendance

Qualifications/Working Conditions:

·         Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Communications or related field preferred

·         Previous experience in retail store management and customer service; 5-10 years of experience preferred

·         In-depth knowledge of customer service principles and practices

·         Proficiency in MS Office applications, primarily Office and Excel

·         Fishing industry and product knowledge

·      Previous experience with point-of-sale software management would be an asset

About St. Croix Rod

St. Croix is a family owned business steeped in a tradition of hard work and determination. At St. Croix there is a deep sense of commitment and dedication to delivering top-quality products for fishing enthusiasts. Our fishing rods are quite frankly, The Best Rods on Earth. Located in Park Falls, Wisconsin, a recreation paradise, you will join an industry leader that values its team members, understands that they are critical to our success, and is committed to sharing its success with its team members. You will have the opportunity to work with leaders in the industry, and will be provided with challenging and satisfying work. If you are interested in learning more about St. Croix, please visit us at