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We Connect You to the Right People for Less Time and Money. 

Our audience is a self-selected group of qualified and mission-aligned candidates. They tend to train faster and stay in their positions longer than other employees because they want to be part of the Outdoor Industry.

In talking with our clients, we’ve identified several themes that explain why they continue posting with

Using a big job board is a huge time suck. 

LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and even Craigslist have massive networks.  This may seem like an advantage, but in reality, you will be flooded with hundreds or thousands of applicants, most of which are unqualified and a poor cultural fit. Navigating this maze not only wastes your time, but also makes it easy to miss the best candidates. has an undiluted network of approximately 160,000 outdoor professionals.  You will not get as many applicants, but you can be confident that the applicants you do receive are high-quality and serious candidates.

Recruiters are expensive. 

Recruiters typically charge 10-15% of a hire’s first year salary, and it takes around 90 days on average to fill the role. Often, they are working with the job seeker, which further complicates the transaction.

In contrast, is a self-serve job board, which facilitates a shorter process and leaves you in control when you find the perfect candidate.  This model also allows us to keep our pricing very low - $230 for a standard post, and $125 for a non-profit.  

Turnover kills time and wastes money. 

Our clients often have massive issues with employee turnover, particularly in Outdoor Retail.  A candidate from Indeed or Craigslist might say they’re in it for the long haul, but the reality is that they’re more likely in need of a quick job, and once they find something “better”, they’ll leave you short-handed on short notice.  And if you were planning on attending a trade show or taking a vacation, you will be canceling those plans.

Job seekers on are truly people that love the outdoors – and outdoor companies can offer benefits to our job seekers that don’t exist elsewhere.  Pro deals, free gear use, group rides, or a schedule that accommodates outdoor activity – not to mention some of my favorite more exotic examples:

  • Rhythm Cycles has a pump track located directly behind their shop – and employees are encouraged to shred at every available opportunity.
  • Simms Fishing has a fly-casting pond at their headquarters.
  • Toad&Co offers access to a nearby trail system; office bikes, SUPs and surfboards; outdoor wi-fi for meetings under a tree; flexible hours for surf sessions or sunset hikes.

Our Clients Agree.

We Connect You to the Right People for Less Time and Money.

“Simply put, is the go-to source for hiring in the Outdoor Industry.  I posted one job and the pool of candidates was so qualified that I ended up bringing 3 people on.”

     -- Michelle, Bicycle Industry

“When I post on a large generic job board, I receive hundreds of resumes, but the people who apply have no clue what we actually do.  The applicants we receive from are of higher quality and want to work in the industry.”

     -- Jeff, Outdoor Retail


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